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Mother's Day

Mother's Day is upon us once again. It's interesting how my view of Mother's Day has changed over the years. When I first became a mom, the idea of a day to celebrate the fact that I had children was amazing to me.

As the kids got older, it was a day off. The girls' dad always said it was my day and I could have/do anything I wanted. Sometimes I chose a big family fun day, but mostly I chose a day where their dad would take them and do a daddy/daughter day so I could have a day all to myself. It seemed that I was tired most of the time! Always, the week leading up to Mother's Day was filled with anticipation and delight because I had so many options.

These days, I don't always know what to think. Now that my daughter has children of her own, does she want to even plan something or would she prefer to spend the day with her family? Of course I understand, it is her day after all. So far, I've been fortunate. My girls are always happy to spend time with me, although it's fewer and further between than in the past. Traditionally, the whole family comes over and we have mimosas and breakfast. Kara and her family go home, but Kassidy will generally spend a few more hours with me.

Last year, my oldest wanted her own day, so she came and spent the night with me. We went to a friend's wedding and she was able to have some time off from her kids. The next day, her family and my youngest daughter came over and we had breakfast, spent some time together, and she and her family went on there way and my youngest and I spent the day together.

This year, I've booked a room at a hotel in our town. The girls and I will check in, spend some time at the pool and have dinner. Kara may or may not stay the night with us, she may go home to her family. Kassidy is planning something for the Big Day, but I don't know what that is yet.

Either way it's going to be magical, as always. I sometimes get caught up in thoughts that they won't always want to spend time with me. I'm choosing to think that IF that were to ever happen, it would still be magical because I have so many great memories, not of just the one day a year that is allotted to me, but of all of my days of motherhood.

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