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The kids have flown the nest, now what?

How to create a beautiful life after children


About Me

I'm Mary Benson. I have been an empty nester for the past seven years.  My world was completely torn apart when my youngest child left home.  I was a hot mess and did everything wrong. I left my husband, started drinking a lot, and basically flew off the rails. There were periods of time when my kids, to whom I was so close prior, weren't speaking to me because some of the poor choices I'd made in my grief and confusion. I just couldn't seem to sort through all the emotions of losing my "mom identity." I mean, who was I if not Mom? 

Then I found coaching. They helped me  see how I was working so hard to avoid pain and showed me how I was sabotaging myself.  It changed my life so much that I decided to become a coach myself and help other women who are going through it avoid the pitfalls that I fell into.


I now have two businesses, great relationships with my adult children, soon to be three beautiful grandchildren and the most promising future.  Won't you let me help you create yours?

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